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A schedule of condition catalogues the condition of a property at a specific time. As a tenant it is important to record the condition of a property prior to entering into a lease agreement particularly if you are responsible for maintaining the building during the term of your lease. The report protects the tenant should the landlord serve a dilapidations schedule at the end of the term.



A Building Survey is a close inspection of the structure and condition of the building and also a general inspection of the services. The report allows buyers to make an informed decision based on the condition of the property and also to budget for repair works that are required both immediately and over the coming years. This type of survey is also ideal for landlords intending to carry out maintenance works on their stock.



A Snag List is a detailed report cataloguing outstanding works which should be carried out by the developer prior to the completion of the sale. This type of report is ideal for newly constructed or refurbished properties.



A Schedule of Dilapidations outlines the deterioration of the building as a result the tenant not complying with their repair obligations as outlined in the lease. If required we can manage the remedial works ensuring these are executed to a high standard. Alternatively we can prepare costings for the works if a financial settlement is sought.


We can also act on behalf of tenants ensuring the schedule of the repairs is reasonable based on the obligations outlined in the lease. We can also review the list of costs ensuring the tenant is not liable for unreasonable costs.



A Specific Defect Report outlines the cause of the defect, a specification of the required remedial works and an estimate of the cost of the repairs.If required our surveyors can manage the remedial works ensuring these are executed to the required standards.




Where tenants intend to carry out alteration or refurbishment works they will often require the Landlords consent. Our surveyors can review the tenant's proposals ensuring these comply with the terms of the lease and all statutory regulations.


We can also act on behalf of tenants seeking landlords consent ensuring their proposals comply with the terms of the lease and all statutory regulations.





A  Schedule of Works is an instructional list for a contractor to identify the works involved and allow them to calculate a cost for the works.  This type of report is ideal on smaller projects or for alteration work.  

If required our surveyors can manage the works ensuring these are executed to the required standards.

Legal Mapping


Solicitors acting for the purchasers of unregistered freehold or leasehold land must apply for Registration of the Title in accordance with the Property Registration Authority rules.  This will often involve the preparation of Land Registry Maps.   

Our surveyors will carry out a site inspection to identify if there is any evidence of discrepancies between the site boundaries and the existing title map.  Based on evidence collected during the inspection the surveyor will then prepare a Land Registry map in accordance with the Property Registration Authority requirements. 

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